Igor Meyer


Many of my paintings have heaven and earth as motives. Communicating the beauty of both heaven and earth, it is equally important for me to convey what can exist between heaven and earth. The spiritual aspect of existence.


My landscapes are not taken from geographic locations, but rather, they must be seen as my inner landscapes. The images show inner states and values, such as melancholy, beauty, eternity, goodness, truth, longing and hope. The conflict – or balance, rather – between freedom and loneliness is also an important theme. Guess it's like Kris Kristofferson wrote and sang; "Freedom's just an other word for nothing left to lose".


My landscapes are most often seen as untouched nature, even without people and animals in the picture. In this way, the observer can experience himself alone in the mighty nature, without disturbing elements.


I do not want to lock the watcher firmly in my message in the pictures, but rather welcome your personal interpretation of my work. Thus, I rarely give the paintings titles. Nevertheless; Communicating light and beauty accounts for me as some of the most important things in my work.


I have a statement from the great painter Ørnulf Opdahl in my mind as I paint; "It must be seen as light - not paint".



– Igor Meyer



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The creative process


I seek as much as possible to let my subconscious - or call it my soul - be expressed in my work. Before I start a new work, I have an idea of ​​what to do, but I let the image develop freely and playfully during the process. I can even be surprised at what direction it all takes sometimes, and I often recognize my own feelings only after the painting has finished.


I recognize Edvard Munch's statement "I paint what I saw, not what I see". I never paint after a photo or a real landscape, but rather allow earlier experiences of nature to be expressed as symbols of the states and feelings I currently have in me.